Diesel Engine Repair
At the US 281 Truck and Trailer Services LLC workshop in Diesel Engine Repair In Edinburg Texas

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A diesel technician also known as diesel mechanic does repair and maintenance of diesel engines that power many types of equipment, such as commercial trucks and trailers, generators used in water pumping stations or water supply facilities in cities and towns. buses, construction vehicles, and agricultural equipment.

At our truck shop in Edinburg Texas, the diesel mechanic in Edinburg Texas is responsible for repairing diesel engines of trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles and all the components that help to make the engines operate efficiently.

List of diesel engines we can run truck diagnostics on !


  • Peterbilt
  • Kenworth
  • International
  • Mack
  • Sterling
  • Volvo
  • UD (Nissan Diesel)
  • CAT On-Highway Engines
  • Cummins On-highway Engines
  • PACCAR Engines
  • All ABS Systems
  • Thermoking

  • Western Star
  • Isuzu
  • Mitsubishi Fuso
  • Hino
  • Sprinter (All Models)
  • Dodge (Ram 2500 & Up)
  • Ford (Covers Diesel F250-F750)
  • GMC (C,T & W Series)
  • Freightliner
  • Blue Bird
  • All Transmission Systems

Our shop will keep your down time as short as possible and get you back on the road quickly. We keep your truck working at optimal performance. So whether its day or night, our truck diagnostic expert and road service tech, Mario Pea, will take care of your breakdown. We service Detroit Diesel, Cat, Cummin, MaxxForce, International, Paccar, ABS systems.

We work on and run truck diagnostics or computer diagnostics on all commercial vehicles with all kinds of diesel engines fitted in them like Western Star, Isuzu, Hino, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, Blue Bird, Peterbilt, Kenworth, International, Mack, Sterling, Volvo, UD Diesel, and more....

We try our best to get you in and out of our shop by running computer diagnostic within two hours, most of the time depending on workload.

We try our best to perform work on same day basis and get you back on the road quickly.

We shuttle drivers to a close hotel if truck needs to be in shop overnight.

Engine Swap


In our state of the art shop, we have all the tools needed for all diesel mechanic engine work. Our technicians have the best tools from the best vendors. We can remove and install an engine in any truck, machinery, and much more. We can do it on location or you can bring it to our shop. We have several forklift for the remove of an engines, cab, or a removal of a differential. Mr Rodriguez brought his truck in due to a hole in the block. We removed engine, found customer a used engine in a local junk yard. Installed engine first, then installed rods and main for maximum protection for the motor. Cat Engine are one of the best engines in the diesel engine industry.


We take an average of 3 to 5 days for a complete removal and installation of engine. We have all the newest software programs to keep up with all the new engines on the road.

A few case studies of repair of diesel truck engines by our diesel mechanics in Edinburg Texas at our truck repair shop are mentioned here -

Replaced head on this diesel engine

The cylinder head is a major component of the engine. After many years and thousands of miles, the gasket will begin to leak coolant eventually. We can have you in a hotel for 2 days while our mechanic work on your cylinder head replacement.

After all parts are disassembled, every parts is cleaned and checked for wear and tear with accurate tools. We use all original parts from CAT, Detroit, MaxForce, International, and much more. We are excited to have 1,000 of head gasket replacement over the course of 25 years. Our diesel mechanic have from 10 to 25 years of experience working on diesel engine in commercial trucks and in machinery. If its a diesel engine then we can work on it.

Best Diesel Mechanics for Detroit engine

We have the best diesel mechanics for Detroit Engines in Edinburg and all of South Texas!

In the image you see an oil filter base on a detroit diesel engine. Our diesel mechanics have years of expertise on such engines.


Detroit Diesel engines are one of the best engines in the trucking industry. We have oil change packages for Detroit Diesel Engines. We repair Detroit diesel engines. We do everything from basic work like replacement of water pump to a complete inframe engine kit.

Is your truck smoking? Is your truck losing power? We can check your engine's water system, air system, intake system, exhaust system, and fuel system, either at our truck and trailer repair shop or we can send our road service truck to your location. Call us at (9560783-8991) if you have any questions about your engine.

Run Rack on Overhead
Run Rack on Overhead

Do you hear a miss fire? Do you see a color change on the smoke from the stacks? Do you feel a loss of power? Lots of customer run a rack on overhead after every 50,000 while some other wait till 70,000 or a misfiring. It's really preference of customer.

Black smoke and a drop in fuel mileage can indicate a overhead setting is needed. If your running power, keep overhead checked and install new lower bearing regularly. Lower bearings are recommend every 250,000 miles for longer life of engine. We provide the best service in the trucking industry.

Replacing ECM in Max Force DT

In this Maxforce DT diesel truck engine, diesel mechanics at our shop are replacing ECM after troubleshooting electric issues. The driver of this truck with Maxforce DT engine called in for a road service due to truck not turning on. Driver thought he had a bad batteries.

Maxforce DT, replacing ecm after troubleshooting electric issues

Road service came out, truck had bigger issues. Truck got towed in shop. After troubleshooting electric harness, we had to open truck harness to make sure a broken wire was not making the ecm not connect to truck. Diesel mechanic found a bad ecm on engine. We were able to order ecm for next day. Computer replacement are very expensive so we need to make sure the ecm is the problem before ordering. We got this truck going with in 3 business days. We take great pride in getting all your truck & trailer needs.

Turbo replacement on Cummins ISX
Turbo Replacement on a Cummins ISX

Turbo replacement on a Cummins ISX diesel engine is being undertaken by our diesel mechanics at the truck shop. Truck arrived at shop with a loss of power. After a test drive with driver, mechanic could feel a loss of power, slower on accelerations, and difficult maintaining high speed.

Another sign that your turbo going bad is grey or blue smoke coming from exhaust system, engine light on dash, oil burning, or dramatic decrease in fuel economy. As we start trouble shooting, We make sure to check air filter and crank case filter for proper flow, we also check exhaust system. We open hose that goes to turbo and found turbo turbine wheel bearing bad. Turbo can be rebuilt but most customer replace them completely. Turbo have turbine wheel and turbo housing. Housing guide the exhaust gas into turbine wheel, gas exits the turbine housing though exhaust outlet. Our vendor had turbo in stock, so we were able to remove and install turbo on this truck in 2 days. Jorge took truck out to test drive again to ensure truck is at its best performance. We checked in with driver in a few days, driver said truck is running good, he had just back up to get unloaded in Michigan. We take great pride in trying our best to have same day service with most jobs if possible.

Replacing Rocker Gasket and Rocker Arm on Cummins ISC

We are replacing rocker gasket and rocker arm on Cummins ISC diesel engine. This truck came in for an oil change package, when we found a major leak coming from engine. He had been to another shop and they told him he needed a head gasket. After pressure washing and troubleshooting we found a bad rocker arm gaskets on this Cummins ISC. After opening, we found a bad rocker arm that was damaged. Owner was happy he did not have to replace head gasket, we saved him some money. After disassembling we inspect and check all parts for wear and tear.

Rocker Gasket rocker arm on Cummins ISC

Parts were ordered overnight due to owner just having one truck to deliver. We got our parts in, installed them, torqued all to specs, new oil ring on injectors and run the over head rack to ensure truck working at its best calibrations. Pressure wash engine after wards to turn in clean engine. Jorge test drove again, reinspect to make sure no leaks and ready to get to work again. We have the best diesel mechanic in South Texas to fix all diesel engine issues. Give us an opportunity to check and fix all your diesel issues.

oil change maintenance
Oil Change and Maintenance

Our diesel engine repair service techs are doing an oil change and maintenance of a diesel engine. We are experts at Cummins ISX. We can change high pressure fuel lines, Fuel Injection Pumps, Air Compressors, Fuel Filter Water Separator, Intake/Exhaust Cam shafts, Gear box,

Air Govenor, Throttle body, Cylinder Head, Water Pump, Front Cover, Oil Pan, Rear Main Seals, Piston & Rings, Rods & Mains Bearings, Crankshaft, Accessory drive, and much more. We can in-frame an engine, remove and install engine, oil changes, maintenance, and much more. Cummins horsepower can range from 400 to 600hp. Most common issues with this Cummins engines are EGR system. Signs are black smoke and lack of power. Cummins Engine are one of the best powerful engine in the trucking industry.

Engine Assembled and Body Work

Truck came in with a hit on the front of radiator. Customer brought in radiator, fan, fan shout, and some parts. We got to do the body work on hood, grill, and paint. We removed all damaged parts, install a few used brackets to save customer some money. Assembled and turned on engine.


Jorge himself goes and test drive trucks on the road to make sure all work is completed to perfection, Jorge had been working on trucks and trailer since the young age of 12. Jorge Lopez's, father and brothers all owned trucks. Diesel run in our blood from many generations.

Detroit Diesel Engine Repair

This Detroit had a defective head. We replaced head gasket and new head. We took a total of 2 days for this job to be completed

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