The US 281 Truck And Trailer Services LLC FAQ Page truck and trailer service related queries

The US 281 Truck And Trailer Services LLC FAQ page would answer all your Truck and trailer repair and service queries.


Do you have room in your shop for a trucks & trailers?
Answer Icon Yes we do!
What is the price for a complete oil change?
Answer Icon Our oil change package depends on the size of your engine. So, you have to call in at your rtruck repair shop's helpline number - (956)783-8991. Include oil (up to 11 gallons), oil filters, fuel filter, complete grease job, check all fluids transmission and rear ends. CAT, Cummins, and Detroit
Do you offer Truck, Trailer, Boat, and RV Storage?
Answer Icon We offer storage for any type a vehicle for a long as needed. Daily rate, monthly, weekly, or yearly.
What’s your rate for storage?
Answer Icon We have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.
Do you weld Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and steel?
Answer Icon We do all aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. We are able to weld all metal.
Is your welder certified?
Answer Icon Our welder has 15 years experience and is has his certifications. We are also insured for all jobs.
How much is a brake job for one trailer axle?
Answer Icon You have to call in at (956)783-8991 to get an exact quote. Brake job may involve wheel seal, cam bushings, slack adjusters, or air chamber. Its just removing tires, removing drums, removing brakes and brakes kits. Install new brakes and spring kits. Adjust brakes. We inspect all brake system parts, then advise customer on findings.
What do you charge to remove and replace radiators?
Answer Icon Please call in at (956)783-8991 for an exact quote. Most radiators take from 2 to 4 hours depending on the radiator, the make of the truck.
Do you have an a/c recycle machine?
Answer Icon AC Machine or AC Freon recycler at US 281 Truck and Trailer Services LLC

We have our new a/c Freon recycler.
Do you paint trailers?
Answer Icon We paint all types of trailers. From car haulers, drop decks, goose neck, dry van, etc…
What kind of oil do you offer on the oil change?
Answer Icon Service pro 15W40 CJ-4 Engine Oil
Do you straighten bent chassis on trucks?
We straighten bent chassis and added frame to make longer. We have stretched about 200 trucks since we opened.
Do you stretch chassis on trucks?
Answer Icon We can stretch chassis to any length desired. We reinforce chassis with inside L’s. Swing by for a quote.
Do you change front leaf spring bushings?
Answer Icon We do change leaf spring bushings. We need the truck in our shop for at least 8 hours. It’s a one day service. We special press in copper bushing if kit comes with copper bushings. We also inspect all brake since we have to remove all brake system. We have to inspect all shackles for wear. Make an appointment.
Do you change king pins on steering axle?
Answer Icon Yes, we need a complete day to be able to replace king pins on steering axle on both sides. We will remove all parts, inspect, and replace needed parts. We will use a special press to install brass pins.
Do you work on car haulers?
Answer Icon Yes we work on car haulers. We have all special tools to be able to service low profile trucks. We do hydraulics and lots of welding on structure of truck and trailers.
Do you recommend new or rebuild clutches?
Answer Icon We install about 15 clutches every month. We have about half of the customer install new clutches. The other half do rebuild. It really depends on the customer and the application. All are good, there is also self adjusting and easy pedal. When installing a clutch we inspect input shaft on transmission and rear main seal. We always remove and cut flywheel for warranty purposes.
What does a clutch job cost?
Answer Icon For an exact quote for a Clutch job in your truck, please call in at (956)783-8991. Depending on whether it is a new or a re manufactured (re-man) clutch. We inspect input shaft, flywheel cut, motor mounts, clutch linkage, rear main seal etc. Test Drive to make sure all works properly.
Do you do DOT commercial or state inspections on trucks, trailers, motorcycles, and cars ?
Answer Icon Every vehicle that on the road need a state inspection. We do all. Truck, trailers, auto, motorcycle, small trailer, rv, etc…
Do you work on Recreational Vehicles?
Answer Icon We work on all vehicles. We repair boat trailers, RVs, drop deck trailer. If its got a engine and a brake system we can definitely help you with your vehicle.
Do you do pull starts?
Answer Icon We do pull start. They are very common in the winter because of the cold. Any time of the day, we have several vehicles that can go and do a pull start.
What’s your warranty on your labor?
Answer Icon Most warranty vary from 3 months to 3 years depending on service. Examples: A new water pump has 3 months. A complete overhaul has 3 years warranty. Frame extensions have 3 years warranty.
What do you check when a truck is overheating?
Answer Icon When a vehicle arrives and its been heating up. First, we check for any water hoses leakage. Second, we check radiator. Third, we check air to air. We have several items we check next.
Do you do computer diagnostics?
Answer Icon We have computer diagnostics in CAT, Cummins, and Detroit 60 Series.
Do you sell aluminum fuel tanks?
Answer Icon We stock several different sizes.
Can you reprogram my Kenworth so it can run past 65 mph?
Answer Icon Yes, any engine Cat, Cummins, and Detroit. We can see your miles per gallon. We can adjust your mph.



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